The Big Raincheck

"If Jacques Rivette and Raul Ruiz had a child it might look something like Walter Reuben's 'The Big Raincheck' -- a thrilling combination of the real and the fantastic spread over some forty years of Texas arts community life and times, decimated by the AIDS pandemic but never truly destroyed. Hilarious and melancholy at the same time, it marks Reuben as an important American film talent."

- David Ehrenstein, film critic / author

"Movies have always been an intense tussle between documenting and storytelling --

as well as a mad scramble to capture and understand our past, even as it vanishes before us. With ‘The Big Raincheck,’

Walter Reuben manages to take all that glorious madness and push it to a delightfully odd new level. You haven't seen

anything else like it."

- Andrew Bujalski, film director





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