A movie shot in 1981 is abandoned -- unfinished -- only to be discovered decades later. With the original script lost, and most of his actors dead from the ravages of the AIDS epidemic, the director resolves to finish it anyway. Second feature from the winner of the LA Film Critics Association 2014 Best Independent/Experimental Film Award.


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A collage consisting of fragments of a 1981 movie shot on three-quarter-inch videotape, mixed with the following (all shot in 2015): documentary interviews about the history of the old movie; a fictional story about a young director who begins a film, abandons it, then returns to it decades later; and a set of wild improvisations in which various interpretations of how the old, unfinished film was meant to be completed are portrayed.


From the fragments that survive, the original film seems to have been about a crazed heiress searching for a lost brother who has allegedly been transformed into a zombie. Her search takes her on a journey where she encounters crooked detectives, a delusional psychiatrist, a moronic tour guide, and Communist spies masquerading as Hollywood big shots.


In the fictional story which frames this movie, a young filmmaker in Austin, Texas, begins shooting his first feature with people he knows. He has one close friend who inspires him to make this film. She is the first of his circle to die of the unfolding AIDS epidemic. She eventually returns, decades later, to inspire him to finish the film he had abandoned so long ago.

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